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The Bordeaux Region

Explore the Garonne, Dordogne, & Gironde Rivers


There’s never been a better time to book an all-inclusive river cruise along the beautiful waterways of Europe in 2017

Our Scenic Story

Award winning Scenic is the ultimate in luxury river cruising. Our story dates back 29 years, and looking forward, there’s no end in sight.

At Scenic, our credo is: “Never lose your sense of wonder.” We wholeheartedly embrace our passion and continual commitment to delivering consistent excellence in all-inclusive luxury river cruises experiences—we’ve thought of every exclusive, handpicked detail, so that you don’t have to. We give our guests a promise: we are the curators of Scenic Wonder, and it’s up to us to deliver that, every moment of every day you journey with us.


Both onboard and ashore, luxury comes as standard with Scenic. Scenic’s state-of-the-art ‘Space-Ships’ offer 5 star luxury – from every scented bath drawn by your butler to every gourmet meal expertly created by our onboard chefs. Our staff to guest ratio of 3:1 will ensure we know what you want before you do.

Scenic Cruise Director Werney Beyer

Our Cruise Directors are dedicated to ensuring every guest experiences the ultimate river cruise. As the beating heart of the on-board crew, they’re always on hand to deliver exceptional service

Scenic Space-Ships Decor Walter Knoll

Learn from Walter Knoll as he describes handcrafting the Scenic furniture for our ‘Space-Ships’

Scenic Head Chef Mario Hribernik

Scenic recognizes the importance of delicious and diverse dining on your river cruise, that’s why our loving chefs spend so much time in curating seasonal and regionally influenced culinary experiences

Scenic Space-Ships

Intimate and friendly, with every amenity you could wish for, our Scenic Space-Ships were designed with you in mind. From the moment you step on board you’ll be spoilt for choice. From our wide selection of dining options right down to your pillow menu, you’ll enjoy the ultimate in all-inclusive luxury, very moment of the day.


We don’t want you to miss a minute of the sublime scenery that flanks our ships as you cruise the waterways, so almost every suite on every vessel offers a balcony and a river view. At the gentle press of a button, glass smoothly glides and your balcony seamlessly converts into our exclusive Scenic Sun Lounge allowing you to enjoy the luxury of extra space as well as the unfolding landscape.

At Scenic Cruises, all inclusivity has its perks.


Unique Experiences

Our seasoned Journey Designers have handpicked and created a range of exclusive tours that will be among the highlights of your Scenic Enrich experience. These are exclusive moments, leaving you with amazing memories to treasure.



Choose what you want to do as you cruise with Scenic. There are a vast range of activities and sightseeing experiences for you to choose from, so you only see what you want to see, and do what you want to do, at a tempo that suits you.


Guided Tours

Our Tailormade program provides you with GPS guided tours that will give you the chance to explore even further afield. Whether it’s culture, architecture, art or simply heading off the beaten track, our unique Tailormade program is available in over 140 locations.


Butler Service

We know it’s the personal touches that make your cruise special, and so do our butlers. From nightly turndown to laundry concierge service included for all guests, your butler is there to make your Scenic experience extra special.


Dinning & Beverages

From a dress-up gastronomic extravaganza to a low-key handmade pizza, we cater for every style of dining. We source from regional suppliers, meaning our food is both extremely fresh and in season.



We set the benchmark for the standard of suites on board, the most spacious on any European vessel. Technology and innovation meet to provide your Scenic Sun Lounge, giving you a private balcony at the touch of a button.


Bordeaux Affair

8 Days
Between Bordeaux and Bordeaux
Learn wine tasting in one of the traditional vineyards or visit an authentic local food market on this 8 day cruise through the magical Bordeaux region.

From $4,610

Beautiful Bordeaux

11 Days
Between Bordeaux and Bordeaux

Learn how to taste wine from a sommelier during the visits to the wineries and vineyards on this romantic 11 day cruise on board the luxurious Scenic Diamond through the Bordeaux region.

From $6,255

Breathtaking Bordeaux

12 Days
Between Paris and Bordeaux
Refined elegance and charming beauty combine on this 12 day experience through France’s treasures. From Paris to Bordeaux, you won’t want to look away

From $6,800

Breathtaking Bordeaux

12 Days
Between Paris and Bordeaux
Refined elegance and charming beauty combine on this 12 day experience through France’s treasures. From Paris to Bordeaux, you won’t want to look away.

From $6,800

Spectacular South of France

14 Days
Between Paris and Nice
Soak up the spectacular South of France on a 14 day river cruise from Paris to Nice. Explore the food capital, Lyon and enjoy the entertainment in Tarascon.

From $8,230

Normandy & Gems of the Seine

11 Days
Between Paris and Paris

Experience the festive traditions of Europe on a magical Christmas cruise from Budapest to Paris. Enjoy guided city tours, Christmas markets & Oktoberfest.

From $6,465

Rhine Highlights

8 Days
Between Zurich and Amsterdam
See the highlights of the Rhine on an 8 day river cruise from Amsterdam to Basel. Enjoy guided city tours & an exclusive private tour of a Baroque palace.

From $4,425

Jewels of Europe

15 Days
Between Budapest and Amsterdam
Embark on a luxurious journey from Budapest to Amsterdam. Cruise the Rhine, Main and Danube rivers on board an all-inclusive 5-star Scenic Space-Ship.

From $6,605

Romantic Rhine & Moselle

15 Days
Between Amsterdam and Basel
Discover the romantic Rhine and Moselle rivers on an all-inclusive 15 day cruise. From the small canals of Amsterdam to the majestic mountains of Zurich.

From $6,345

Unforgettable Douro

11 Days
Between Porto and Porto
Cruise the beautiful Douro Valley on an 11 day river cruise. Discover the treasures of Porto, the vineyards in Regua, Vinhateiro & the Côa Valley Museum.

From $6,785

Unforgettable Douro with Lisbon

14 Days
Between Libson and Porto
Explore Lisbon before boarding Scenic Azure. Cruise the breathtaking Douro Valley and discover the vineyards in Regua, Vinhateiro & the Côa Valley Museum.

From $7,855

Unforgettable Douro with Madrid

14 Days
Between Porto and Madrid

Travel from Porto to Madrid in a 14 day wonder-filled journey. Explore the beautiful Douro Valley and vineyards before enjoying 3 nights in Madrid.

From $8,710

Gems of the Danube

8 Days
Between Nuremberg and Budapest
Discover the historical wonders of Europe on a 8 day cruise from Budapest to Nuremberg. Enjoy ultimate luxury on an all-inclusive 5 star Scenic Space-Ship.

From $4,295

Iconic Danube

8 Days
Between Munich and Budapest
Enjoy an 8 day cruise from Budapest to Munich along the Danube river. See some of the most beautiful places that Germany, Austria and Hungary has to offer.

From $4,225

Black Sea Explorer

11 Days
Between Budapest and Bucharestt
Cruise the Danube on an 11 day river cruise from Budapest to Bucharest. Start with a guided tour of the city before you board your 5 Star Scenic Space-Ship.

From $4,940

Enchanting Rhône

9 Days
Between Nice and Paris
Cruise the enchanting Rhone river from Tarascon to Chalon-sur-Saône. Discover the towns of Avignon, Tournon & Lyon with exclusive Scenic Enrich activities.

From $5,895

Enchanting Rhône & Monte Carlo

12 Days
Between Nice and Paris

From the sparkling Riviera to the city of light enjoy a 12 day journey from Nice to Paris. Visit Monte Carlo & cruise the Rhone towards Chalon-sur-Saône.

From $7,615

South of France Indulgence

16 Days
Between Paris and Lyon
Discover the South of France on a 15 day river cruise from Chalon-sur-Saône. Enjoy wine tastings, sample French truffles and cycle along the Rhone river.

From $9,040

Imperial Russia

15 Days
Between Moscow and Stalingrad (Volgograd)
Discover the wonders of Russia on a 15 day journey from Moscow to Volgograd. See the finest city sights including the Kremlin & Saint Basil’s Cathedral.

From $10,320

Jewels of Russia

15 Days
Between Moscow and Petersburg
This wondrous 15 day cruise will take you through mighty Russia, along the Volga River from the splendours of Moscow to the beauty of St. Petersburg.

From $8,860

Imperial Russia with St. Petersburg

18 Days
Between St Petersburg and Stalingrad 

Explore St. Petersburg before boarding Scenic Tsar in Moscow for a luxurious river cruise along the Volga. Enjoy guided tours and grand sights of Russia.

From $12,570

Luxury Mekong

8 Days
Between Ho Chi Minh City and Siem Reap
Discover the beauty, culture and history of Vietnam and Cambodia over this 8 day luxury cruise. A lovely introduction to these two beautiful countries.

From $3,990

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Treasures of the Mekong

13 Days
Between Siem Reap and Ho Chi Minh City
Discover the essence of South East Asia on a 13 day journey from Ho Chi Minh City to Siem Reap on board Scenic Spirit. Explore Wat Hanchey and Phnom Penh.

From $8,560

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Journey along the Mekong

18 Days
Between Ho Chi Minh City and Prabang
Cruise the Mekong River and explore the culture and traditions of Vietnam and Cambodia over 22 days. HIghlights include Hanoi, Halong Bay and Angkor Wat.

From $11,815

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Luxury Irrawaddy

11 Days
Between Yangon and Mandalay
Discover Myanmar on an 11 day river cruise along the Irrawaddy. Explore the beauty and history of this country in style on board the luxurious Scenic Aura.

From $5,745

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Mystical Irrawaddy

14 Days
Between Mandalay and Yangon
Dip your toes into the magic of Myanmar and cruise along the Irrawaddy river on the luxurious Scenic Aura, your all-inclusive home-away-from-home.

From $9,870

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Mystical Myanmar

18 Days
Between Yangon and Yangon
From Mandalay to Inle Lake, Myanmar is full of hidden gems. Take to the waterways of the Irrawaddy on an all-inclusive river cruise on board Scenic Aura.

From $12,700

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Let Us Fill Your World with Wonder

We wish to take this opportunity to express appreciation for the efforts of your Company in making our first visit to Europe so thoroughly enjoyable and memorable. We believe that service of this calibre results from a corporate culture wherein management sets the example for its team by its own uncompromising commitment to providing outstanding customer service. In our view Scenic Cruises performance is very much the exception in this regard, and deserves to be congratulated.
Jim and Joan E
I want to let you know what a fantastic cruise my husband, friends and I had on board the Scenic Diamond from Aug. 28 to Sept. 4. I was very impressed by the level of service, the amenities of the ship and cabin, as well as the food. More specifically, the guides on our excursions were exceptional. The hand held devices allowed the guides to be heard at all times. Our cruise director, Katharina, was outstanding. When we had the odd problem, she resolved things promptly and efficiently.
Karen H
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